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Nasovap2% w/v/10% v/v Syrup


Square Pharmaceuticals PLC.
Generic: Menthol+Eucalyptus Oil

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Each ml contains Menthol USP 20 mg and Eucalyptus Oil BP 0.10 ml.


Menthol & Eucalyptus oil are decongestants

& help to ease breathing difficulties.


For relief of the symptoms of coughs. colds and blocked noses.


Adults, the elderly & children over 3 months: Add 5ml spoonful of suspension to 500-600 ml of hot but not boiling water. Inhale the steamy vapour through the mouth and nose. Repeat after 4 hours if required. Shake Well Before Use. For

external use only. CONTRAINDICATION

Not suitable for children under 3 months. Hypersensitivity to menthol, eucalyptus or any of the other ingredients.


Hypersensitivity reactions including allergic rhinitis, itching, swelling & contact dermatitis. There have been reports of

apnea and instant collapse in infants

following the local application of menthol

to their nostrils USE IN PREGNANCY & LACTATION

Menthol & Eucalyptus oil inhalation during pregnancy & lactation is unlikely to have any ill effects when used as directed.

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